Terms & Conditions

1. The Bayview Glen Camp (BVG) 2019 camp season begins on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 and ends on Friday, August 23, 2019. The regular camp day runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

2. A Camper Application Form must be completed for each child. A current photo of the camper must accompany each Camper application Form. A Family Information Form must be completed for each family. (Should consider expanding the options – i.e. on line or in person and the differences – if any – also below)

3. Our system requires that the required deposit be made at the time an application is completed. We require a $400 deposit per camper and accept Visa or Mastercard.

4. The application process includes a Family Information Form and a Payment Information Form must be completed in full, signed and dated, and accompanied by the deposit and balance of fees. Space is limited and applications will be accepted in the order they are received in the camp office. In order to ensure the utmost accuracy when processing applications, we prefer that forms be filled out online, via mail, courier or in person, rather than by fax.

5. Parents agree that BVG can collect, use, disclose and retain personal information as set out in The BVG Privacy Pledge. BVG’s Privacy Pledge and your consent apply to all the personal and financial information provided.

6. The Director reserves the right to refuse enrolment to a camper or family if, in her opinion, it is in the best interest of the camp.

7. Campers will not be admitted to camp until the balance of fees is paid for the specific period. Please choose one of the following methods of payment: (a) A deposit and post–dated cheque/Visa/ Mastercard for the balance dated May 1, 2019. (b) A deposit and five post-dated cheques/Visa, January 15 to May 15, 2019. (c) A deposit and post-dated cheque/Visa/ Mastercard for the balance dated December 1, 2018 (a 4% discount will apply). (d) Payment in full. (Fees for campers registered after May 1st must be paid in full upon registration.)

8. Camp fees include door-to-door transportation within our stated boundaries. Pick-ups outside of our boundaries may be able to be arranged and may require additional fees. Our fees also include lunches and snacks, daily towel service, BVG knap sack, camp T-shirt, group photo (if camper is registered and in attendance on the photo day which is scheduled once per month), cook-outs, barbecues, overnights and the regular camp program. Day Camp fees are not subject to H.S.T.

9. Someone must be home to receive the camper at the end of the day. In the event that either no one is available or the person is not recognized as someone previously documented as authorized to receive the child, including nanny, grandparents, neighbour) the child will be returned to camp, or, if possible will be returned home at the end of the route. Parents will then be responsible for a charge of $25 to cover transportation, delays, and supervision costs.

10. The camp reserves the right to delay departures / hold our campers and staff safely indoors during severe inclement weather.

11. Written permission from parents is required for a camper to be dropped off at home without adult supervision. Children must be at least ten years of age and parents must accept responsibility for making adequate provision for the child’s protection and care under the circumstances.

12. There will be no changes to the usual transportation arrangements, such as early pick-ups, bus changes, etc., unless they can be accommodated by the camp. 13. Children who are leaving camp by car must be picked up at their regular dismissal time (4:00 to 4:15 p.m.). Children who are not picked up on time will be brought to the Camp Office to await pick-up. For children picked up after this time, there will be charge of $15 per hour per child for the care of each child.

14. A 2% interest per month will be applied to any outstanding balance after May 1, 2019, or May 15, 2019, in the case of the monthly payment plan. NSF cheques and declined Visa/Mastercard payments are subject to a $25 service charge and either cash or a certified cheque will be required for the outstanding amount.

15. Changes: will only be made prior to May 1, 2019, if these changes can be accommodated by the camp. Any requests for changes must be made in writing. There is a $25 administrative charge for any changes to the dates of registration for an equal or greater number of weeks (i.e., different session) made for each registered camper. Any changes to the dates of registration to a lesser number of weeks will be considered a cancellation and subject to the $195 cancellation fee.

16. Extensions: Parents of children who are not registered for the full 8-weeks of camp may, if space is available, extend their child’s stay. There is no guarantee that space will be available to accommodate enrolment extensions. The cost of the additional session will be based on the cost of that specific additional session as outlined in the fee schedule.

17. Cancellation Policy: Your deposit and any payments made are refundable (less a service charge of $195 per child) upon written notice is received prior to May 1, 2019. In the event of cancellation, we do not apply deposits or fees to siblings.

18. Refund Policy: Individual days missed for any reason cannot be refunded. Similarly, missed days cannot be made up. Refunds are only possible in the case of illness of more than three consecutive camp days, subject to the conditions of our Medical Tuition Refund Insurance Policy below. No other refunds are possible.

19. Optional Medical Tuition Refund Insurance Policy: Medical Tuition Refund Insurance is available at the time of enrolment for a premium of $10 per week. This insurance covers against the possibility that a camper must withdraw from camp due to illness or injury. If a camper is absent from camp for more than three consecutive camp days, the plan will provide a proportional refund of camp fees for those days in excess of the three days. Refund requests must be made in writing to the Camp Administration and must be accompanied by a written confirmation from the child’s Doctor. Refunds will be processed before the last business day of September. Refunds are no longer made after May 1, 2019 unless insurance has been purchased. If coverage is desired, please check the space provided on the Camper Application Form and add the correct premium to your deposit.

20. Camper Health Information and Consent Forms will be mailed to all registered campers. These forms must be completed by the parent or guardian and received by the Camp prior to

June 1, 2019, or upon registration if after that date. No child will be permitted to participate in camp activities without a fully completed Health Form.

21. It is the responsibility of Parents to notify the Camp Office of any changes to the information required and provided at the time of enrolment. This includes such things as changes to a child’s physical or emotional health, parent’s marital status, change of address, any phone number or emergency contact.

22. The Camp is entitled to assume that the emergency contact/alternate pickup information (“designated individuals”) provided in the Camper Information Form is acceptable to both parents unless a parent expressly advises the Camp in writing that they decline or withdraw their permission in respect of any designated individual. Parents are responsible for communicating this and all other relevant information to the other parent. Parents are responsible for providing the Camp with any court orders or other legal documents that a parent asserts limits the parental rights of the other parent. In asking the Camp to rely on any such documentation the requesting parent is thereby agreeing to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Camp from any claims by the other parent as a result of the Camp acting upon such directives. In the absence of appropriate legal documentation, where there is any dispute or conflict between parents as to permissible designated individuals, the Camp shall only accept persons as designated individuals who are mutually agreed between the parents. In the event that parents are unable or unwilling to efficiently and clearly identify designated individuals to the Camp and facilitate pick-up, drop-off and other arrangements, the Director may, at her sole discretion, determine that the Camper’s session be terminated, with or without advance notice. In such cases there shall be no reimbursement of fees.

23. While every reasonable effort is made to safeguard campers’ belongings, the camp will not be held responsible for the loss of, or damage to campers’ belongings while at camp. This includes, but is not limited to: eyeglasses, retainers, hearing aids, ear plugs, clothing, etc.

24. Campers are expected to demonstrate basic respect for the dignity and rights of others. The Director reserves the right to implement an established process and/or suspend and/or terminate the stay of any camper, without refund, who violates the camper Code of Conduct based on the following guidelines: zero tolerance of physical or psychological abuse/ bullying; respect for camp property and the property of others; behavior that requires supervision beyond a reasonable level

25. For the wellbeing of everyone at camp, it is understood that campers who chronic, unforeseen behavioral issues may require additional supervision in order to safely remain at camp. If, in the opinion of the Director, a camper requires extra supervision, and it is reasonable and possible for the camp to provide this extra supervision, it is understood that this additional cost must be assumed by the Parents.

26. The Director reserves the right to terminate the stay of any camper if in the opinion of the Director it is in the best interest of either the child or the camp. In such an event, it is understood that at the discretion of the Director, one of the following will apply: no refund; a proportionate refund, (minus $195 administrative charge). According to our administrative schedule, and refunds will be processed before the last business day in September.

27. Parents agree to assume financial responsibility for any and all damages intentionally caused by their child to camp property and/or the property of others.

28. Parents agree to allow their child(ren) to participate in all camp activities, camp overnights and in any supervised activities or trips not on camp property.

29. The camp reserves the right to place each child in the swim level which we deem best suited to the child’s capabilities.

30. Every effort is made to hire competent, experienced activity specialists for each activity promoted in our brochure. However, the list of activities is subject to change based on our ability to recruit and hire qualified specialists. Should it not be possible to offer a particular activity, we will attempt to find a comparable alternative.

31. Parents consent to the use by BVG of the registered camper in camp photographs, videos and new media.

32. In case of emergency, parents agree to give camp officials the authority to act on their behalf and in the best interest of their child(ren).