Inclusion Program


Supporting the integration of campers with special needs is one of our core philosophies.

Our Director and Inclusion Coordinator(s) meet with parents prior to summer to review each camper's specific need.

Our team develops and implements individualized plans to support the successful integration of each child, ensuring a rewarding camp experience.

Our inclusion camp program offers an immersive experience for campers that require additional support and guidance throughout the camp day. What makes this program so unique is the opportunity for inclusion campers to participate in our Wilding, Traiblazer, or Maverick camp programs with campers their own age alongside a 1-on-1 support counsellor! The goal of inclusion camp is to provide campers with social growth while having an amazing day camp experience!

Each inclusion camper will be assisted by a specially trained 1-on-1 counsellor who has ample experience providing support to youth ages JK – Grade 7. These 1-on-1 counsellors will assist their camper with transition management, interactions with the other campers within their cabin group, participation, and establishing an overall level of comfort within the camp program.  

Leading up to the Summer, our Head of Inclusion Camp will reach out to our inclusion families to have a conversation about the specific needs of their campers. The inclusion head will then create an individualized camper care plan for each camper and will train their carefully selected 1-on-1 support counsellor on how to implement it. Throughout the camp day our Head of Inclusion will continuously be checking in with inclusion campers and their support staff to ensure their individualized camper care plans are being facilitated properly and each camper is thriving. 

Inclusion camp spaces are limited each week and do come with an additional $200.00 fee to provide this additional support.

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